In Middle Eastern cuisine, mezza is considered the jewel of the table. They are a way of life and meant to be enjoyed in an unhurried way. These small dishes excite the palate and are the centrepiece of a family gathering.


Middle Eastern food is meant to be shared and this is how we grew up eating. We believe that food is what brings people together. At Almond Bar, we invite you to share an assortment of traditional and modern dishes to form the basis of a meal whilst enjoying good company and drinks. 


Our head chef & author of the Almond Bar cook book, Sharon Salloum, has created a menu based on the food she was bought up with. She stays true to her culture and her mother's food whilst also creating modern dishes that showcase Middle Eastern ingredients.


We cater for guests with any dietary requirements and do our best to ensure everyone that sits at our tables has a unique experience.